Drug License

Ensuring everyone has equal and fair access to drugs and medicine is the primary concern of any government. But the right to manufacture and sell drugs and medicines has to be given cautiously. Hence the government has stringent rules for granting licenses for the manufacturing and selling of drugs and medicine. The Act that governs the end to end process from manufacture to the sale of drugs in India is the Drugs and Cosmetics Act.


  • Form No. 19
  • Challan Rs. 3000/-
  • Affidavit of proprietor on stamp paper of 20 Rs
  • Educational certificate copies of proprietor (Self attested)
  • Self -attested copies of Identity proof of proprietor (Domicile/ Driving license/ Voter ID card)
  • Affidavit of Regd. Pharmacist.
  • Educational certificate copies of Regd. Pharmacist (Self attested)
  • Self- attested copies of Identity proof of Regd. Pharmacist (Domicile/ Driving license/ Voter ID card)
  • Blue print of Plan layout of proposed area/ premises.
  • Electricity bill of proposed area/ premises.
  • Copy of Refrigerator bill.
  • Rent agreement (50 Rs. Stamp paper)
  • Ownership document of the premises including the copy of tax receipt of proposed area/ premises.
  • Covering letter.
  • Photo 5-5 each of Regd. Pharmacist and proprietor.