Patent registration

An invention can be registered as a patent in India. Patents grant rights to individuals and corporations to prevent others from making, using, selling, or importing the patented product without consent from the patent holder.

The process of filing a patent in India can be time-consuming, but with the right guidance and assistance, it can be accomplished quickly ,Those interested in obtaining a patent should consult expert patent attorneys.

Document requirement-

  • Application form in duplicate (Form 1) – it includes information relating to the name and address of the inventor, name, and address of the applicant and other declarations.
  • The provisional or complete specification in duplicate. If you are filing the provisional specification, provide the complete specification within 12 months (Form 2).
  • Drawing in duplicate (if any). The drawing sheets attached should also contain the signature of an applicant or his agent in the right-hand bottom corner.
  • Abstract of the invention.
  • Claims (if any).
  • Information & undertaking listing the number, filing date & current status of each foreign patent application in duplicate (Form 3).
  • Priority document (on claiming priority date) in convention application, on the direction of the Controller
  • Declaration of inventorship where the provisional specification is followed by the complete specification or in the case of convention/PCT national phase application (Form 5).
  • Power of attorney (if filed through Patent Agent).
  • Fees (paid by cash/by cheque/by demand draft)
  • All patent applications must bear the signature of the applicant or authorized person or Patent Attorney along with name and date.
  • Priority documents are necessary in the following cases: Convention Application (under Paris Convention)